Pinelands High School is at Hawequas Scout Adventure Centre – Wellington, Western CapeWellington

A team from the 3rd Pinelands Scout Troop won the Gordon’s Shield competition this past weekend. This is the premier annual scouting competition in the Western Cape, having been run annually since 1915. This year a total of 44 teams and 330 Scouts competed at the Hawequas Scout Adventure Centre in Wellington.

The winning team was led by Matthew Collier-Reed (Grade 11). Five of the eight team members are from Pinelands High School: Matthew Collier-Reed; Christopher Collier-Reed; Aidan Smith; Philip Brink and Alex Plastow.

Teams were required to build a campsite from scratch using wooden staves and ropes, including a kitchen, seating, gear storage, as well as a gateway entrance into their site. They were tested on their outdoor scouting skills, including first aid, map reading, pioneering (using ropes and wooden staves joined by knots to create structures) and survival skills. Well done to our Scouts!