On Friday, our Grade 9s said farewell to Julius Hanke, one of our AFS exchange students. Julius lives in Bad Iburg in Germany and joined us for 8 weeks. His time with us was short but he became part of our school family and found a way to our hearts.

During the assembly on Friday, Julius had the opportunity to share some of his experiences in South Africa with the grade and thanked his host family, the Ameerodiens, and Pinelands High School.

Our Grade 9 band bid him a fond farewell by performing ‘Maria, Maria’ by Carlos Santan and Leela Moodley performed an electric guitar solo to ‘Cruel Summer’.

We wish Julius well and hope that he comes back to visit us again soon.

Vocalists: Jesse Petersen, Gugu Bangeni, Erin Tucker

Electric Guitar: Leela Moodley and Liam September

Electric Bass: Nicholas van der Walt

Soprano Saxophone: Nicole Willliams

Alto Saxophone: Hannah Mitchell

Violin: Nuha Loggenberg

Piano: Chad Hendricks

Drum kit: Premedi Kwili Yemweni (PK)

Electric Guitar Solo: Leela Moodley performed “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift.