Development Strategy

The imprint that Pinelands High School continues to make on the South African societal and economic landscape will depend significantly on our commitment to invest in the future. As a fee-paying school, most of the running costs are borne by the fees that our parents pay, leaving little room in the budget for developing and extending the school’s facilities and programmes.

In continuing to pursue the goal of being a world-class school, Pinelands High School recognises that this can only be achieved through the involvement of the wider community. Our fundraising strategy includes approaching companies, trusts and foundations, as well as alerting our Alumni and school families to funding opportunities.

If you would like to consider, either now or in the future, leaving a legacy for future generations of Pinelanders (while at the same time securing a tax break), please contact the Development Director, Carol Franck, at

Strategic Partnerships

Pinelands High School continues to enjoy a strong relationship with the Epoch and Optima Trusts, receiving funding from them for both our Maths Challenge Programme and for the Teacher Internship Programme. We are extremely grateful to them for this funding. We also have a growing relationship with the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship, sharing with them a vision for nurturing quality teachers for 21st Century South Africa.


Our vibrant Alumni Association has been in existence for over twenty years and continues to be a wonderful way for past learners to maintain strong ties with both their alma mater and ex-classmates.

Pinelands High Celebration Day (Formerly known as Founder’s Day) takes place 1 March 2024 and forms the highlight of our alumni calendar. Class reunions usually take place around the same time. We also keep in touch throughout the year via newsletters and social media. If you are a past pupil, please provide us with your contact details below, so that we can keep you updated!

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Reunions & Celebration Day

Please join us at the Pinelands High School Celebration Day (previously Founder’s Day) on 1 March 2024.

My School

Pinelands High School benefits financially from the many families and individuals who swipe their MySchool Cards when shopping at MySchool Partner stores. There isn’t a cost to the shopper but the funds generated in this way enable the school to add needed equipment to classrooms. We encourage the wide family of PHS to participate by securing a MySchool Card and using it when shopping at the relevant stores.

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Pinelands High School recognises that many families face challenges with regard to the costs of schooling and has endeavoured, over the years, to increase the number of bursaries available to our students. These bursaries are generally offered or awarded to selected students from Grade 9 onwards and, when applications are invited, these are widely advertised within the school community.

We are grateful to various Trusts, Foundations and companies, as well as to Alumni, for their investment in the lives of our students. Should you, or the company that employs you, wish to know more about the opportunities to donate towards bursaries, please contact Ms Carol Franck