Established in 1952, Pinelands High School is a public high school situated in the suburb of Pinelands. We offer an extensive academic and extra-mural programme and have a rich history of success in many spheres of endeavour.

Our educational offering includes a wide subject choice in the formal curriculum, as well as sport, music, drama and other extra-mural and extra-curricular activities. This means that there is a place for every student in our school to make a contribution, to excel and to shine. It also makes high school a busy and fun place to be!

Our catchwords Excellence, Leadership and Innovation are at the centre of all that we do, and ensure that we remain a school with an aspirational ethos which prepares young people for successful and fulfilled adult lives.

Our diversity extends beyond race and ethnicity to embrace culture, religion, socioeconomic background, gender, and the physical and spheres. Our new school motto, Diversity, Eenheid (Unity), Ukukhula (Growth) captures the spirit of our school.

We believe in the importance of a disciplined, well-managed and administratively efficient environment, as these elements then allow academic endeavour, creativity and thought to flourish

Our Staff

Pursuing academic excellence is our core purpose. Whilst numerous factors contribute to maintaining excellence in this area, the quality of teaching and learning that takes place during each and every lesson is fundamental.

We have a strong emphasis on developing our teachers’ expertise through professional growth opportunities and through a strong culture of collaboration both within the school and across the broader educational landscape. Our professional growth programme combines whole staff professional growth as well as small group professional growth, and varies term by term.


Pinelands High School strives to provide its students and staff with the best possible facilities. Over the years, we have increased and improved upon our facilities, and we offer a wide variety of amenities for our students. These include:

Learning Hub

Our Reeler Centre plays an important role in enhancing information literacy among our students. This learning hub offers students a venue where they are able to conduct research using both books and electronic media.

Computer Centres

There are two computer centres, with over 30 computers in each.

Art and Design

Our Art venues include an Art Room and two Textile/Surface Design Centres.

Technology Block

This consists of a fully-fitted drawing room and computer facilities for Engineering Graphics and Design using AutoCad and a 3D printer.

Music Block

The music block houses a number of teaching and practice rooms, fully equipped for each instrument and theory.


A number of laboratories allow the practical side of these subjects to be demonstrated easily. Our renovated Science laboratories boast interactive technology, laptop connectivity and DC power supply for scientific equipment. The upgrade of these classrooms into modern and interactive spaces, together with up-to-date technology, makes the teaching and studying of Science a compelling option at Pinelands High.

Consumer Studies

A fully fitted kitchen with 16 work stations and stoves.

Thomson Hall

An indoor sports facility that hosts basketball, cricket, netball, soccer and hockey, with an adjoining gym.

Sporting Facilities

1 full-sized hockey astroturf; a mini-astroturf for hockey, tennis and netball practice; 4 hockey fields; 2 soccer fields; 3 cricket fields (2 with grass pitches); cricket nets; 5 tennis courts (2 also used for netball); 2 basketball courts; an outdoor training gym; an indoor gym; the Thomson Hall (indoor hockey, basketball, cricket nets, soccer and table tennis) and a 25m swimming and water polo pool.

School Shop

This is offered as a service to our students and stocks the school uniform, sports uniforms, both new and second-hand textbooks and most stationery. The shop is open during breaks and every day between 08h00-09h00 and 14h00-15h00 (except Fridays when it is 12h00-13h00).



The School Governing Body (SGB) is a statutory body of elected parents, educators, non-teaching staff and co-opted learners who are responsible for the governance of the school. They help to determine the aims and overall vision of the school.

Together with the staff the SGB sets and reviews policies, plans and procedures to ensure the provision of high quality education for present and future students.

SGB Members 2024

  • Parent Members
    Ms Chantal Chavda
    Gregg McIntyre
    Olivia Matthysen
    Mrs Tania Jansen van Rensburg (Deputy Chairperson and Chair of Discipline Sub-Committee)
    Ms Joy-Marie Lawrence (Chairperson)
    Mr Nic Loggenberg (Treasurer)
    Mr Brandan Reynolds

  • Principal
    Deirdre Chandler (Acting Principal for Term 1 2024)

  • Educator Members
    Ms Fiona Autagavaia
    Mr Llewellyn Denton

  • Non-Educator Member
    Ms Carol Franck (Secretary)

  • Learner Members
    Iyaad Mowzer
    Emma Peters
  • Co-Opted Members
    Mrs Lorrinne February (Business Manager)
    Mrs Deirdre Chandler (Deputy Principal)
    Mr Roy Prevost (Deputy Principal)


No vacancies at the moment

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