Our Values

What makes us unique

Academic rigour

is fostered through critical and creative thought

Resilience and self management

emerge from the dynamic and diverse environment

Multiple opportunities and a wide-ranging subject choice

challenge students to find their niche and thrive.

A happy school community

is the result of trust, collaboration and respect.


Huda Abrahams

Matric 2016
The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)
First Class Honours 2022

Pinelands High School equipped me exceptionally well for university through its flexible teaching styles, diverse leadership opportunities, and numerous ways to challenge myself. The skills I acquired during my years at the school were easily transferable, allowing me to apply and build upon them in my university studies.

Glynnis, parent of
Cortney van Harte

Matric 2018
BSc majoring in Physics and Astrophysics 2022

Cortney was nourished by the great school systems at Pinelands High and the dedication of teachers who were always available and supportive. They handed her the tools to navigate tertiary education and life in general. They taught her to be bold enough to use her voice and strong enough to live the life that she envisioned for herself.

Jonas Gensicke

Matric 2017
B.Sc Mechanical Engineering with
First Class Honours 2021

Pinelands High School has students and staff with many different backgrounds and identities, making it a diverse and inclusive environment. The diversity prepared me for navigating the real world. It taught me how to be conscious of people’s disadvantages and privileges, as well as how to work with people who have very different mindsets to mine.

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