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Astro Update: 22 May 2015

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Progress this week: 


Installing the mole barriers.



Preparing the surface for the slurry.



Getting ready to pour the bases for the lights.



PHS Astro Update as at 4 May 2015

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To date we have:

  • Built the new spectator berm and replanted the grass on it
  • Raised the playing surface with clean sand to the required height and slope.
  • Levelled and compacted about 75% of the base layer.

This week we will:

  • Finish off the base layer.
  • Install the sub base system (for drainage).
  • Import and install curbs.


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Forging A Future

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Read the latest Forging A Future newsletter which is sent to Pinelands High School alumni and donors.


Astro Underway

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The work on our full-sized Hockey Astroturf has begun.  There is great excitement in the air about the prospect of our students being able to train and compete on a world-class hockey facility. 


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Launch of hockey astroturf fund-raising drive

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Today we launched our fund-raising drive for the hockey Astroturf that we will start building later this month. We have a fund-raising target of R500 000, which is a huge challenge, but one we can meet together as the full school community. We already have R50 000 towards this goal!

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