Projects Funded in 2016

Maths Challenge and Learnership Programmes

In 2016 we again received substantial support from the Epoch and Optima Trusts to fund our extended Mathematics Programme at the school. This includes the cost of an additional teacher to enable a reduction in class sizes and support for free Maths tutoring to be on offer at the school. We are extremely grateful for the support, which has been continued in 2017. In addition, the Epoch and Optima Trusts supported four graduate interns through our Learnership Programme. A further four interns are being supported by the Trusts in 2017, providing PHS with an opportunity to mentor future teachers.

Natural Science Laboratory

Thanks to some generous funding from Nedbank Private Wealth Educational Foundation, one of our Life Sciences Laboratories was upgraded in 2016, transforming it into a modern, clean and user-friendly facility. Plans are in place for an Educational Garden to be installed adjacent to this laboratory in the near future.


During the course of 2016 some additional outdoor benches were donated to the school, making a significant difference to the daily experience of students as well as visitors.

Sports Equipment

Various sponsors and past pupils have contributed towards an electronic scoreboard for Water Polo and kit for various tours and first teams.


Alumni and friends of PHS have continued to contribute towards bursaries in 2016. These bursaries are set up to cover, wholly or partially, the fees of successful applicants who show great promise and determination but who experience financial challenge. We would love to secure further funding to ensure the sustainability of these bursaries as well as to increase their number.