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Pinelands High School 2019 NSC Results

As a school we are very proud of our 2019 Matric class of 189 students. Fifteen candidates scored aggregates of 80% or above, with four of the fifteen achieving seven subject A's.   Our top students were Rana Ebrahim (92,1%), Gareth Rosant (87,6%), Casey Coetzee (86,0%), Thomas Schroeder (85,3%) and Aniqah Gamildien (84.9%).

The class achieved a Bachelor's Pass rate of 82,3% and an overall pass rate of 98.4%.  


Pinelands High School Class of 2019 Top Achievers

Back row: Jordan Young (6 Subject As, 84.1% Average), Ethan Adams (5 Subject As, 82.4% Average), Luke Wagner (4 Subject As, 81.3% Average), Luke Clark (5 Subject As, 82.6% Average), Gareth Rosant (7 Subject As, 87.6% Average), Thomas Schroeder (7 Subject As, 85.3% Average)

Front row: Siyanda Mabija (4 Subject As, 83.3% Average), Fatima Moos (3 Subject As, 81.6% Average), Rana Ebrahim (7 Subject As, 92.1% Average), Casey Coetzee (5 Subject As, 86,0% Average), Aniqah Gamieldien (7 Subject As, 84.9% Average), Sakeenah Toefy (5 Subject As, 84.4% Average)

Absent: Katey Measures (4 Subject As, 84.3% Average), Ebrahim Modack (5 Subject As, 81.4% Average), Chad Singh (4 Subject As, 80.9% Average)

There are many stories of extraordinary effort that lie behind these top marks, but of equal importance, are the stories that lie behind the many results which do not make the headlines.  Stories of incredible devotion by our teachers who spend long hours preparing for and teaching their classes, teaching additional lessons after hours and on weekends, and providing emotional support for young people who are struggling.  The stories also include young people who, against considerable personal or social odds, have achieved the goals set for themselves.  And the stories include the tremendous support from so many parents for their children.

We wish our school leavers all of the best for successful and fulfilled adult lives, and we trust that the values which they absorbed over the past five years will ensure that they continue to make meaningful and sustainable contributions to society.