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Pinelands High School Hosts Physical Sciences Teacher Training Workshops

Pinelands High School was invited, along with Rustenburg Girls’ High School, to host a series of six Physical Sciences Teacher Training workshops throughout 2020. These were initiated by Mr Kashief Dilraj, the Curriculum Advisor for Metro Central District in the Western Cape Education Department. These have been planned to address concerns regarding the decrease in the number of students taking Physical Sciences and the shortage of experienced Physical Teachers.

To close the experience gap, Norman Davies, Head of Physical Sciences at Pinelands High School, will lead three workshops in 2020 on various Chemistry topics. Pinelands High hosted the first Chemistry workshop of 2020 on 15 February. Twenty four teachers attended a full day of training covering how to teach difficult chemistry concepts like bonding and intermolecular forces. Mr Davies used a  range of different techniques to engage the teachers with the theoretical work covered. For example, to start a discussion on teaching Kinetic Molecular Theory, he used polystyrene balls stuck around the lab (to illustrate a gas) and arranged in a crystal lattice (to illustrate a solid). He also led discussions around how to use demonstrations effectively to teach chemistry concepts, and the teachers had an opportunity to do a practical activity.

Pinelands High School considers it a great honour to be playing a part in upskilling and training new teachers.