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Nikita Dawood Joins the Hockey Selection List

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Congratulations to Nikita Dawood who has been selected to represent the Western Province Zonal U18 Hockey team. Nikita joins the long list of PHS hockey students who have been selected to represent Western Province and the Zonal teams this season.




Hockey Boys in Action during June/July Holidays

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Lance Erasmus and Colborn Greybe participated in the Zonal tournament during the June school holidays. They represented the WP U18 Disas and finished the tournament with a bronze medal.

Chase Newel played in the Zonal tournament at Hartleyvale during the June school holidays. He represented the U16 Disa’s and they won Gold.


Colborn Greybe in action.


Chase Newel in action.

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100th Game for Andrea and Bridgette

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Mr Dave Campbell, Principal of Pinelands High School, presented both Andrea Leader and Bridgette Jones with a bouquet of flowers after assembly on Monday.  Both girls will play their 100th game for Pinelands High School first team hockey this week.  Andrea has been selected to play WP U18A and Bridgette WP U18B (non-travelling reserve) and U18 Zonal South hockey.  Andrea and Bridgette are two of the five Pinelands High School girls selected to represent WP hockey this year.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dave-Campbell-with-Andrea-and-Bridgette.jpgFrom Left to Right:  Andrea Leader, Mr Dave Campbell (Principal) and Bridgette Jones

Astro Underway

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The work on our full-sized Hockey Astroturf has begun.  There is great excitement in the air about the prospect of our students being able to train and compete on a world-class hockey facility. 


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Fantastic Indoor Hockey Achievements

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With the recent conclusion of the girls’ indoor season it seems fitting to recognise some learner achievements. Andrea Leader, the First team captain, was chosen as part of the Pro Series Indoor (PSI) southern zone U18A team.  Sydney Jacobs, Grade 10, was chosen for the U18B team. Nikita Dawood, our goalkeeper, was selected for the U16B team as well as playing for the 3rd side at national at the end of last year, and the 2nd side at All Stars in March.  Well done to our indoor hockey girls!



Launch of hockey astroturf fund-raising drive

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Today we launched our fund-raising drive for the hockey Astroturf that we will start building later this month. We have a fund-raising target of R500 000, which is a huge challenge, but one we can meet together as the full school community. We already have R50 000 towards this goal!

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PHS HOCKEY BOYS to tour Belgium & Holland

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PHS Hockey boys will be touring Belgium and Holland from 27 March - 8 April 2015. The touring team consists of 18 senior PHS hockey players, 2 staff members and 9 parents.  The team will play a total of 6 matches against top clubs in Belgium and Holland.


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PHS Host SA National Team

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Pinelands High School was privileged to host the SA woman’s hockey team yesterday. 

Ms Shelley Russell and Ms Jade Mayne, who have collectively played over 300 matches internationally, addressed the school during a motivational assembly.  They spoke on the importance of participating and being actively involved within diverse areas of the school.  They challenged the students to practise good time management and to focus on achieving excellent academic results.

The SA team signed autographs after the lunch which was hosted by Pinelands High School.


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YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS YOU.  Come and support your sportsmen/women and Pinelands High School!  We are hosting the derby this year.  

You can download the details of times and venues here: Westerford-Derby-final.pdf

Video courtesy of PHS' Johann Harzon (Grade 12).

Annual PHS and Somerset College Derby starts today

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Our annual winter derby with Somerset College starts today.  PHS is hosting and the derby kicks off with hockey at Hartleyvale Astro at 18h00 tonight.  Tomorrow there will be netball, table tennis, squash and more hockey.  Come and support PHS.