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Life Science at Pinelands High School

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Yesterday, as consolidation of their section on Mitosis, Mr Brynn Taylor’s Grade 10 class had to capture the various stages that occur when a cell divides. 

The students were required to work in groups.  They had to bring materials to school that they could use to show the different stages of cell division.  Using a stop-motion animation application on the school’s iPads, they then captured these changes as they remodelled their cells in order to create a single stop-motion video.

By constructing the cell at each stage of division the students had to fully grasp the cell division process. There is no better way to learn how a cell divides, than to actually make a cell divide.  In addition, the task encouraged students to master group dynamics and effective time management.  The project would have been impossible in the allocated time without careful planning and teamwork.

Here is an example of one of the stop-motion animation Mitosis videos that the Grade 10s made in class.



Grade 10 VISUAL ART June Exam Practical

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The PHS Grade 10s have just finished their June Visual Art exam practical.  They had to create an A3 pen and pencil drawing of a therianthrope/mystical being with an ornate border on 200g medium tooth paper.  They had 9 hours plus class time during the term to complete the drawing.

The task enabled the student to:

  • Develop their research skills in finding high resolution visual sources.
  • Recombine found images to make an original and personal artwork.
  • Resize and manipulate these images to create a natural flow in the new image.
  • Develop a strong sense of composition and balance.
  • Work precisely and meticulously to capture detail and tone. 

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