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Grade 12 Visual Art students in Action

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Grade 12 Visual Art students in action earlier this week. The theme for Visual Art in Term 2, Matric 2022 was 'Play'. We set a relatively open topic for Grade 12 students to encourage them to work in the medium and subject of their choice. Matrics may work in any Visual Art medium such as painting, drawing, sculpting, animation or videography. As always the Visual Art students are directed to create artworks that are personal, original and meaningful. #WeAreProudlyPinelands #VisualArt #Creativity #LoveArt #Paint #Painting #Art


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The pictures below were taken last week during the Grade 11 Visual Art practical exam.  The students have a total of 18 hours (over a two week period) to complete the portrait. 

Topic: ‘A Cubist Portrait’

Brief: The Grade 11s are required to combine multiple angles of a single person/animal’s face (self-portrait, celebrity or loved one) into one portrait. This reaction to the single point perspective of the camera was pioneered by Braque and Picasso in the early 1900s who aimed to give the viewer a better understanding of their three-dimensional subject by showing them these multiple angles on the two-dimensional limitations of the painted surface. Picasso and Braque set strong limitations on their style and colour palette to capture this idea, the veil of these limitations have been lifted for the Grade 11s who have been encouraged to find their own personal Cubist style in the medium that they feel the most comfortable with.

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Matric Art Practical

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PHS matric Art students have begun work on their June exam practical. The students have to complete two artworks. One is a ‘foreshortening’ piece that has a distortion of its natural appearance which reflects the student’s emotional opinion of that which is being depicted.  The second piece is inspired by different band/artist’s names which are used as a point of departure for their own original artwork independent of any association with the original source.


They have 18 hours to complete each major piece and have spent the term working on the concept.