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Investigating Equilibrium Reactions in Physical Sciences

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Grade 12s are investigating equilibrium reactions. The cobalt ion changes colour depending on the conditions of the reaction, so it is easy to see which way the equilibrium leans. The explanation, using chemistry theory, is harder to get right. The cobalt ion goes blue when heated or when hydrochloric acid is added. It goes pink when cooled, or when water is added.
In the chromate-dichromate equilibrium, the students had to try a test to see which ion is orange and which ion is yellow. Adding sulphuric acid turned the solution orange, suggesting that the dichromate ion is orange in colour. Adding sodium hydroxide turned the solution yellow, suggesting that the chromate ion is yellow.
If a student can see something happening it encourages them to want to understand why it is happening. #weareproudlypinelands #lovescience #chemistry #learning #excellence #leadership #innovation

Grade 11 Visual Art Miniature Paintings

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Visual Art students were tasked with having to paint in the styles of the great masters for their miniature paintings. Students had to use photos that they had taken themselves and then interpret them using stylistics conventions where they had to distort concepts like shape, colour and form. This ensured that they were not painting photographically but in a stylised way. #greatmasters #excellence #loveart #miniaturepaintings #weareproudlypinelands


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Training sessions have changed completely since no contact is allowed. The focus has been on skills development and fitness. Our wonderful coaches have been creative and innovative when planning their sessions. It has also given us the opportunity to focus on the basic elements of each sporting code. We are building a solid base from which our athletes can excell when competitive and contact sport returns. We are in the process of developing all round athletes who are humbled and grateful that we can continue. In terms of long term athletic development we are on the right path. #traintotrain #traintocompete #LTAD (long term athletic development) #weareproudlypinelands



Latest Edition of ForgingAFuture

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Our latest edition of ForgngAFuture, our bi-annual newsletter that is sent to Pinelands High School alumni.


Cricket Skills Programme at Pinelands High School

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Pinelands High School will be offering students from our neighbouring junior schools an opportunity to improve their cricket skills on Saturday mornings in Term 2 and 3.

The programme will be run by our Director of Cricket, Mr Kyle Prince. He has coached in various clubs and schools In Cape Town, England and Ireland and has 14 years of coaching experience.

Primary Focus

● Developing the basics of batting, bowling and fielding. All essential components of cricket.

● Batting grip and stance.

● Bowling action, grip and run up.

● Catching and throwing.

● Preparing cricketers for hard ball.


Venue: Pinelands High (Indoor Sports Hall)

Time: Age 5-8 years (09h00-10h00) Age 9-11 years (10h15-11h15)

Starting Dates:

● Term 2 (29th May - 10th July 2021) Cost: R455 (7 sessions)

● Term 3 (31st July - 2nd October ) Cost: R650 (10 sessions)


Pinelands High School’s Banking Details:

Current Account, Standard Bank, Branch code: 036309 , Account No. 073 023 671

(Use reference: Cric + Child's Initial and Surname eg CricJSmith)


To sign up to the programme complete this registration for Junior Cricket Clinic form.


All Covid protocols will be observed as appropriate for non-contact sport.  

Please do not hesitate to contact should you have any queries about this exciting programme. 


MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Card

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Do you have a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card? Please consider linking PHS as a beneficiary on your card. Every swipe raises valuable funds for our school.

Need a card? Visit their website here for further details.

The Value of a Teacher Now More than Ever

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If you missed Mr Campbell's article: The Value of a Teacher Now More Than Ever  that appeared in the April edition of the Muse Magazine you can read it below.


Why I chose Pinelands High School

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Hear it first-hand from our students.  See and hear why you too should choose Pinelands High School.



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We are so proud and excited to be unveiling our new school crest. This is an historic day in the sixty-nine year history of our school, as over three years of work and consultation come to fruition in a new symbol which we believe captures the spirit and values of our school.

The crest is unveiled in this video by our 2021 school leaders who embraced this moment with all of the dignity and passion that it deserves.



Applications for Grade 8 in 2022

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Applications for Grade 8 in 2022 are now open.  

Please click on this link and follow the instructions to complete our online application form. 

Please note that the system may be slow if there are large numbers of forms being completed at once. If you do find that you are having difficulty please wait a day or two and then try again. 
If after a number of attempts to complete the form you are still having difficulty, please only then contact the school for assistance.
Thank you

Parents/Guardians are required to still make application on the WCED admissions website ( from 26 February to 26 March 2021 as well as completing this PHS application form. 

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