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Covid-19 Relief ♥ PHS Cares

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pinelands High School has been supporting a number of its students with data to enable them to continue learning during this time of emergency remote teaching and accessing online resources. As lockdown has been extended this need has increased and the school would like to support students in need of data for learning and Pinelands High School families in need of groceries. A committee has been formed to manage this process.

We would love our Pinelands High School families to help us support some of our students and their families at this difficult time.

Donations can be made using the PHS bank account: Pinelands High School, Standard Bank, Pinelands Branch 036309, Account number 073 023 671 

The reference should be: PHSCARES, with your surname. Donation receipts can be provided on request by e-mailing with a proof of deposit.



Forging-A-Future: Latest Newsletter to our Alumni

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Please click on the link below to view our latest edition of Forging-A-Future. The newsletter is sent to alumni and partners. Be encouraged and take a read.




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Our Rainbow Campers returned home yesterday afternoon after 4 days away in Stanford. We ran our first Rainbow Camp in 1999, and since then have run numerous camps a year for Grade 11s.

Rainbow Camps deal with the issues of bias and prejudice, while encouraging pupils to look at who they are, and their place in contemporary South Africa. Each camp comprises a series of transformative workshops aimed at teaching our pupils the value of accelerating and participating in the country's process of integration, both at school and in their communities. Pupils spend time developing skills in tolerance and understanding, conflict resolution and peacebuilding; and they spend time learning about new cultures, in order to overcome prejudice and build common ground.

The content of the Rainbow Camps is refined constantly, in line with changes and developments in the broader South African political and social environment.





Pinelands High School is delighted to be recognised by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation as a member of their Circle of Excellence for 2020. Membership of the Foundation's Circle of Excellence is limited to the top 100 South African schools that feed into the Fellowship Programme

As stated by the foundation; “through the Fellowship Programme, the Foundation provides entrepreneurial support and full financial support to students who want to pursue tertiary studies at one of our selected partner universities.

This opportunity, known as the Allan Gray Fellowship, explores entrepreneurial mindset development building on the base of a solid academic platform. We are not necessarily looking for top academic achievers but instead for those learners with the highest potential to become high impact entrepreneurs.”


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Tax Relief for Donations to the School

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As you may be aware, we are coming to the end of the tax year on 29 February. Pinelands High School (under the WCED) is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation and, as such, any donations made to the school are tax-deductible in terms of S18A of the Income Tax Act. We are able to issue a tax certificate on any donations made, whether by an individual or a company. For those who are in a position to do so, we would like to ask you to consider a donation to the school before the end of February. You can make a general donation, or specify where you would like your donation to be allocated: e.g. Capital Development fund, Financial Assistance for tuition fees. All donations are gratefully received. Please contact Mrs Carol Franck for further information


Pinelands High School was invited, along with Rustenburg Girls’ High School, to host a series of six Physical Sciences Teacher Training workshops throughout 2020. These were initiated by Mr Kashief Dilraj, the Curriculum Advisor for Metro Central District in the Western Cape Education Department. These have been planned to address concerns regarding the decrease in the number of students taking Physical Sciences and the shortage of experienced Physical Teachers.

To close the experience gap, Norman Davies, Head of Physical Sciences at Pinelands High School, will lead three workshops in 2020 on various Chemistry topics. Pinelands High hosted the first Chemistry workshop of 2020 on 15 February. Twenty four teachers attended a full day of training covering how to teach difficult chemistry concepts like bonding and intermolecular forces. Mr Davies used a  range of different techniques to engage the teachers with the theoretical work covered. For example, to start a discussion on teaching Kinetic Molecular Theory, he used polystyrene balls stuck around the lab (to illustrate a gas) and arranged in a crystal lattice (to illustrate a solid). He also led discussions around how to use demonstrations effectively to teach chemistry concepts, and the teachers had an opportunity to do a practical activity.

Pinelands High School considers it a great honour to be playing a part in upskilling and training new teachers.








Using the Biodiversity Garden for Teaching & Learning

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Grade 11 Life Science students exploring plant diversity in the Biodiversity Garden.  The Biodiversity Garden has indigenous examples of the four main plant groups - Bryophytes (Mosses), Pteridophytes (Ferns), Gymnosperms (Cone-bearing plants) and Angiosperms (Flowering plants). The students were shown key features to be able to identify each plant division, and then they had to draw examples of each plant division.  



Abdul Tchoufon Earns Bronze at the African Championships

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Congratulations to Pinelands High School's Abdul Tchoufon who has just returned from competing in the U20 African Championships (Wrestling) in Algeria. 

Abdul won two and then lost two fights which earned him third place in the under 77kg category in Algeria.  Abdul will now compete in the World Championships in Serbia during September 2020.

Well done Abdul.  We are proud of you!



Sunset Concert on the Lawns

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Our annual SUNSET CONCERT takes place on the front lawns of the school on 28 February 2020 at 17h30.  This much-loved event is hosted by our Music Department and features performances by Pinelands High School, Pinehurst Primary and Forres Preparatory School.  

Bring your picnic blanket, a picnic and your family and enjoy this beautiful evening.





Vocal Persuasion: DECADANCE

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Do not miss out.