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News just in from the CT Science Expo.

Whoop Whoop! News just in from the CT Science Expo.

  • Special awards to Sydney Jacobs from Sports Science Centre and Tyla Goldman from Living Maths.
  • Bronze awards to Joelle Meyer and Tayla Simpson, Nonceba Radebe, Grant Spaans and Craig Stevenson, Andrea Hogg and Davida Smith, Siyamthanda Zenzile.
  • Silver award to Jonathan Campbell.
  • Gold awards to Tyla Goldman, Sydney Jacobs, Michael Pittendrigh and Kezia Futter.
  • Eskom Best Female award to Tyla Goldman.

The table below contains specific details regarding their projects.

Projects as follows:
Name Medal Other award Title
Davida Smith, Andrea Hogg Bronze   Compressing rubbish and reducing plastic bags and litter.
Joelle Meyer, Tayla Simpson Bronze   The Geodesic dome that has grass on it will be more eco-friendly than the plastic or the tin foil domes.
Siyamthanda Zenzile Bronze   Does living in proximity to power lines influence the incidence of cancer?
Nonceba Radebe Bronze   Water Quality analysis in Cape Town communities
Grant Spaans, Craig Stevenson Bronze   New vs. established methods for purification of water
Jonathan Campbell Silver   Home made gel fuels vs. shop bought gel fuel
Tyla Goldman Gold Eskom Best Female
Living Maths
Creating a disease indicator to be used in aqua farms
Michael Pittendrigh, Kezia Futter Gold   The effect of temperature on the accuaracy of paintballs
Sydney Jacobs Gold Sports Science Developing visual skills results in accurate passes on the hockey field

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Back row: Craig Stevenson, Grant Spaans, Michael Pittendrigh, Siyamthanda Zenzile, Jonathan Campbell 

Middle row: Nonceba Radebe, Sydney Jacobs, Andrea Hogg, Kezia Futter

Front row: Tyla Goldman, Joelle Meyer, Tayla Simpson, Davida Smith