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Inter-house water polo

Yesterday we played our very successful inter-house water polo matches. The games were tight and very exciting.



Game 1:    Blue vs Red                 4-7 (Red win)

Game 2:    Yellow vs Green          11-9 (yellow win on penalties; game was 8-8 at full time)

Game 3:    Green vs Blue              7-4 (Green win)

Game 4:    Yellow vs Red              7-9 (Red win)


Final Positions:


First:       Ignus (red)

Second:  Ventus (yellow)

Third:     Terra (green)

Fourth:   Aqua (blue)




1.   4 Chukkas of 5 minutes (running time)

2.   Three girls must be in the pool at all times of the game.

3.   Table must be manned by the two houses who are not playing.



Round Robin


Game 1:    Blue vs Red

Game 2:    Yellow vs Green

Game 3:    Losers of Game 1 vs losers of Game 2 – 3rd and 4th position

Game 4:    Winners of Game 1 vs winners of Game 2 – 1st and 2nd position


Thanks to Mrs Autagavaia for a superb event.