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Innovation in Physical Education: PHS Sports Conditioning Programme

This year Physical Education at Pinelands High School has included a Sports Conditioning programme to ensure that students are trained in the basics of sport. These sessions are compulsory for juniors and optional for seniors.

These sessions take place once per two-week-cycle within scheduled Physical Education lessons. In these sessions students are taught hand/eye co-ordination, agility, speed-endurance and power related exercises. This does not replace the Physical Education programme but adds value to the programme by ensuring that students receive additional conditioning over and above the Physical Education curriculum. 

This programme increases the fitness and skill level of sports playing students and assists students with basics physical skills which are used in everyday life. 





Wind-resistance training with speed chutes provides overall muscle resistance. Speed chutes build fast-twitch muscles. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are advantageous for short bursts of strength or speed, critical for short bursts of speed.