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Wow, what a list! Congratulations to ALL 17 HOCKEY players who have been selected to represent WP.

Congratulations to all coaches, managers and players who have all worked so hard! Special mention to all parents for their support.

1. Casey Coetzee – Western Province U18A
2. Moletlo Somo - Western Province U18B
3. Shanice Philander - Western Province Zonal U18
4. Chelsea Jeffery - Western Province Zonal U18 
5. Yusra Azzakani - Western Province Zonal U18
6. Ni-shaat Esau – Non-travelling reserve for U16 Zonal
7. Dayna Hughes - Non-travelling reserve for U16 Zonal 
8. 8. Zoë Kannemeyer - Non-travelling for U16 Zonal 
9. Mika Ryklief – Western Province Zonal U14
10. Chase Newel – Western Province U18B
11. Andrew Pick – Western Province U16B
12. Taquoma Sealy – Western Province U16B
13. Na’eem Davids – Western Province Zonal Disa U18
14. Noah Jones – Western Province Zonal Disa U18
15. Mathew Kaiser – Western Province Zonal Disa U18
16. Keagan Kinnes – Western Province Zonal Disa U18
17. Enrico Celento – Western Province Zonal Disa U16

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Matthew Vianello takes Silver in Open Bike Class

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This last weekend Matthew Vianello took part in two Western Cape Off-road Regional Races.  The first race was on Saturday morning where he rode 212.2km in 5 hours and 41 minutes and came second in the 250cc Open Bikes class.

 On Sunday he rode 140km in 3 hours and 15 minutes, again coming second in the 250cc Open Bikes class.  Well done Matthew!



Matthew (far right) at the prize giving.

Computer Olympiad Boffins

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Pinelands High School is proud of the excellent performances of the students who took part in the annual Computer Olympiad. The Computer Olympiad is the South African version of the Bebras Contest which attracts more than a million participants from across the world. The contest requires the skills of computational thinking, the same used for Mathematics, Science, IT and CAT. These problem solving techniques are used by Software Engineers to write programs and apps.

Pinelands High School had 3 students placed in the top achievers; 2 Gold (better than 93% of all participants countrywide) and 1 Silver (better than 79% of all participants countrywide) winners.


Back row: Huw Irlam (Gold), Christopher Hawker-Jehring (Silver)

Front row: Imaad Faki (Gold)

ForgingAFuture - BE ENCOURAGED

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Be encouraged and read the latest edition of ForgingAFutre.  The newsletter is sent out to alumin and PHS donors and supporters. 


Congratulations PHS Girl Hockey Players

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CONGRATULATIONS to the following girl hockey players:

  • Casey Coetzee – Western Province U18A
  • Moletlo Somo - Western Province U18B
  • Shanice Philander - Western Province Zonal U18
  • ChelseaJeffery - Western Province Zonal U18 
  • Yusra Azzakani - Western Province Zonal U18
  • Ni-shaat Esau - Non-travelling reserve for U16 Zonal Team
  • Dayna Hughes - Non-travelling reserve for U16 Zonal Team
  • Zoë Kannemeyer - Non-travelling reserve for U16 Zonal Team

The boys' teams will be announced in the next two weeks.