At the beginning of the year, Nature Connect #NatureConnectSA awarded Pinelands High School with a Stodels nursery gift card.  This was awarded to the school in recognition of our progress in and commitment to Biodiversity education during 2021. Nature Connect is a Not-for-Profit that supports the preservation of Cape Town’s unique and biodiverse natural heritage through education, training and conservation initiatives.

Last week we were able to use this gift card. A section of the school grounds which previously only had a few trees and some grass on it was cleared and has been transformed into a ‘Fynbos Examples‘ bed. This bed will be extremely useful when we teach ecology to Grade 10 Life Sciences students.

This bed is the newest addition to our Biodiversity Garden.  This garden has been designed to teach specific aspects of the Natural and Life Science curricula. For example earlier this year Grade 8 students could see ecological vocabulary in action. The garden creates an outdoor classroom for engaging in the practical learning of environmental topics.

Besides providing an educational outdoor classroom, this area contributes to the preservation of Biodiversity and has created a beautiful space in the school grounds for both students and staff.

The pictures show the donated plants, the area before the plants were added and the newly planted Fynbos Examples bed. #NatureConnectSA