Admission Procedure

All application forms must be completed in full and accompanied by:

  • The most recent original or certified copy of the end-of-year report
  • A certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate
  • Proof of residence (Utilities bill - no other accounts will be considered proof of address)
  • Certified copies of the biological parents' ID books

All pupils applying for Grade 8 must submit their applications directly to Pinelands High School by Friday 23 March 2018.

All pupils applying for Grade 9 - 12 must submit their applications directly to Pinelands High School by Monday 22 October 2018.

If Pinelands High School is not the nearest school to the applicant, the applicant MUST ALSO APPLY TO THAT SCHOOL WHICH IS NEAREST TO THEIR PLACE OF RESIDENCE.

Residential address should be that of either a parent or a legal guardian. Proof of legal guardianship (as recognised by South African law), including a commitment to pay school fees, must accompany the application. The pupil must reside permanently at that address.

All applicants who meet the deadline above will be contacted by Pinelands High School during the second term should additional information be required. All applicants will be informed, in writing, of the outcome of their application, by the end of the second term.

All applications must be delivered in person. No applications will be considered if faxed or emailed.