Congratulations to our class of 2021!  Following a difficult last two years of schooling disrupted by the pandemic, the class produced very strong results which include an 86% Bachelor’s pass rate and a 98,9% pass rate. Individual students also achieved exceptional results.

We are very proud of our full staff team of teachers, leaders and support staff who all contributed to ensuring that our school remained a safe, high-functioning and caring learning environment during the past two years.   It takes a village to raise a child; it takes a whole school to produce good results!

Back row: Amy Irlam, Na’ilah Kara, Bethany Toohey, Yethu Kibi, Cameron Veroni, Mikhail Williams, Kirsten Dryding, Hewan Naidu, Caleigh Mac Millan, Ryan Blankenberg, Hannah Cloete

Front row: Kai Reynolds, Roxanne D’Oliveira, Sarah Kruger, Sankara Atsilut


1 Amy Irlam 89.43 aggregate 7x As
2 Sankara Atsilut 85.57 aggregate 6x As
3 Bethany Toohey 84.43 aggregate 6x As
4 Hannah Cloete 83.71 aggregate 5x As
5 Kirsten Dryding 83.43 aggregate 6x As
6 Na-ilah Kara 83.43 aggregate 5x As
7 Mikhail Williams 83.29 aggregate 5x As
8 Kai Reynolds 83.14 aggregate 4x As
9 Ryan Blankenberg 81.43 aggregate 4x As
10 Hewan Naidoo 81.00 aggregate 3x As
11 Caleigh MacMillan 80.71 aggregate 5x As
12 Cameron Veroni 80.43 aggregate 5x As
13 Sarah Kruger 79.86 aggregate 5x As
14 Roxanne D’Oliviera 79.71 aggregate 4x As
15 Yethu Kibi 79.71 aggregate 4x As